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Project Data

The data collected for this webpage is open and available to any and all scholars working on or simply interested in Chris Claremont’s famous run on Uncanny X-men comics. The intention was to create a quantitative data set (using content analysis) that would empower current and future scholars to draw stronger conclusions about Claremont’s work, ones based, at least partially, in empirical evidence. If you are one such scholar, all we ask is that you attribute the data to this website in order to help spread the word, so to speak, and thus advance the mission of this project. Beyond that, how you use it and what conclusions you draw are entirely up to you – though we’d love to hear about it!

Our data sets are ever-expanding and branching, but currently you will find:
  1. Character Behaviour, Cover Logging, and Issue Setting
    • This spreadsheet tracks the specific character actions of prominent X-men characters across the entirety of the Claremont run. How often does Wolverine surrender? How often does Storm initiate a conflict? How often does Angel fly with another character, and which character? That kind of thing.
    • Additionally, this set tracks all the major locations that the X-men traverse and occupy on an issue by issue basis.
    • This set also tracks the cover art of each issue in terms of artist, characters depicted and featured text.

    Available for download here: character_and_location_data.xlsx

  2. Character Visualization and Speech
    • This spreadsheet tracks character representation by issue.
    • For each of the characters listed, we track the number of narrative captions, speech bubbles, thought bubbles and visual depictions that each receives per issue, first in-costume and second out-of-costume.

    Available for download here: character_visualization_data.xlsx

  3. Uncanny X-men Bechdel Test Results
    • This spreadsheet runs each issue of Uncanny X-men through the Bechdel Test.
    • The Bechdel Test requires that an issue feature:
      1) more than one female character   2) who have a conversation with each other   3) about something other than men.

    Available for download here: x-men_bechdel_test.xlsx

  4. Bechdel Test Comparators
    • This spreadsheet shows the Bechdel test performance of various relevant other comics authors on equally iconic or related runs to Claremont’s, such as Miller’s Daredevil, Engelhart’s Avengers, Moench’s Master of Kung Fu, etc.

    Available for download here: bechdel_test_comparators.xlsx

If you have anything to suggest or add, or notice a mistake in our collection, please do not hesitate to contact us.